Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh where, oh where, has good customer service gone?

Boy oh boy, no wonder business is down. Who wants to buy things from companies who punish you once you purchase from them? I have had the worst experience with The Room Place I think I have ever experienced. About a year ago my boyfriend and I purchased a bedroom set from them and it has been a nightmare ever since. Our TV cabinet broke and had to be replaced by something other then the TV cabinet as it had been discontinued….Ok, so they take the cabinet and we have to go make a new choice. Being that nothing else was going to match our bedroom set we opted to go with a dining set. Well guess what the dining set arrives and it’s BROKEN. So they replace broken with broken… Really? Not to mention the bed has broken 3 times at the legs and its not like my boyfriend and I are 500 pounds. The set is horrible, the people that work for the room place never call you back when you leave messages and I am a very unhappy customer!

Any horror stories out there from other companies with bad customer service??

I vow that today if I ever own a company that requires customer service I not only will have them be local and actually connected to the product but also make sure that they are friendly and inviting on the phone or emails. I give out a huge kudos to On a recent trip out to Vegas I took the Zappos tour and they have it down to a science. It all starts with their employees and if your employees are happy then they will be happy to treat the customers happily. Just my thoughts.

When was the last time you looked into your customer service procedures? Maybe instead of trying to focus on getting new business we need to focus as business owners on the customers we already have and then get referrals….

// ChiTown Jess

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