Friday, April 9, 2010

Trust Your Gut! Celebrity Apprentice episode 3

Soooooo sorry for being behind on this! In episode 3 of Celebrity Apprentice I am going to have to run down my notes a bit quickly. Here is what I was able to pick up from the show for all of you:

Sharon made a great comment and said to “Trust Your Gut”. I totally believe in this and live by these words myself and moving forward I think people should trust more of themselves when getting those little odd feelings.

Stay Focused and Organized! In these hard times you do not have the money to be wasting your time! Stay on task and if you find yourself on the stray find yourself an advisor or someone you can count on to keep you in check. I personally was able to find one of these people and he never tells me what to do but also reminds me that I need to make money and not waste my time on things that are not part of my main focus and goals.

Lead by example: Be the person you expect from your employees. Simply said!

If you are in a business that depends on presentations, rehearse! Spell Check! Have associates look it over. The more eyes before the “main event” the better. Remember that “first impressions” of your company will always remain just that.

Last but not least. CALL TO ACTION!!!! Duh people!! Tell your customers what you want from them. Be Very Clear, people will appreciate it.

Much Luv…
ChiTown // Jess