Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice: Trump has a new crew, Blagojevich is back!

Ok so we all know Trump is one of the best Entrepreneurs out there. My take on the show this season is going to be how you as the ChiPreneur can take the advice the celebrities are leaning on the show and incorporate that into your business.
The show sum up was the men won the Diner challenge! Carol Leifer was the first woman to go. Brett Michael’s got 100,000 for his diabetes charity.

Based on this first episode I picked up on the following:
Pick a good name for your business. Trump liked Tenacity for the women’s team and did not like the men’s team name of RockSolid. When was the last time you reflected on your business name? How do you feel about it? Send in your names and let’s have other’s comment on them.

Restaurant Owners: My idea might be to pair your menu with a local charity. Say a certain percentage of each plate goes towards that particular charity. If you don’t have one in mind email me and I will recommend a great one for children.

Price point on the menu’s seemed to be key. When was the last time you reflected on your pricing on your menu? On Service, are your employees up to par? Or are they leaving burgers for A Lister’s like Joan Rivers for over 8 minutes waiting. Blago, what are you doing man…get the burger to Joan Rivers? You are there to raise money for charity, not talk politics.

The women’s team lost, yet left people on the street in a line waiting to give them money. My idea would have been to take the the one of a kind menu’s and have them all sign them and sell them to the people who were left outside. I think this would have helped their sales efforts. What else do you think would have helped the women’s team? Do you think Carol should have been fired?

// ChiTown Jess

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